Tuesday, May 10, 2016

10 on Tuesday

10 things I'm looking forward to this summer  (in no particular order)

1 - Eating outdoors at restaurants
I love to eat, seriously, food is the best.  I LOVE summer, because you can sit outside, on the patio & enjoy your meal while people watching.  Nick and I are fortunate enough to live right in the middle of Denver's Restaurant Row... so we have TONS of great restaurants right at our fingertips!!

At our favorite local Mexican Restaurant

2- June trip to Wisconsin for my Grandpa's 90th Birthday
My Papa Joe turns 90 the 2nd weekend in June.  We are flying back to Wisconsin and making the 3 hour drive to attend his party.  Growing up I was so very lucky to have him live just across the field from us.  He is the kindest, most gentle human being I know.  He attended every sporting event I ever had and was always good for sneaking us some candy when my parents weren't looking!

Dancing at my wedding, he had taken the prop glasses from the Photo Booth & was wearing them around

3 - Flip Flop Season
Does this really need an explanation?  Flip Flops are seriously the best.
I've heard good things about Rainbow Sandals - has anyone tried them?

4 - Patio Drinking

5 - Hiking trips in the Rockies

6 - Our trip to Chicago for Jeri & Dan's wedding
Our friends Jeri and Dan are getting married in August in Chicago.  We are planning on making a long weekend out of it.  I'm so happy and excited for them!!

With Jeri and Dan in Chicago, 2012
7 - July trip to Milwaukee for Summerfest (and to see my boyfriend Luke Bryan)
Milwaukee in the summer is like no other place I've ever been.  People come out of the woodwork to celebrate & it is the #1 thing I miss since we moved away.  Summerfest is the Worlds Largest Music Festival.  It's 10 crazy days on the Lake Michigan Lakefront.  Every night there is a headliner, but there are also a TON of free stages as well!  We have tickets to Luke Bryan as the headliner & I'm sure will check out quite a few other shows while we are in town!!

8 - Driving with the windows down
Best feeling ever - sometimes I wish I was a dog so I could stick my head out & just take it all in.

9 - Milwaukee Brewers Baseball
We are going back to Milwaukee for an entire week!!  I'm literally so excited I may wet myself!!  Between the Brewers & Summerfest & catching up with friends and family - it is going to be amazing!!

10 - Memorial Day trip to Santa Fe
Santa Fe has been on my bucket list since pretty much forever.  When we decided to move to Denver I was SO EXCITED since it's only about a 5 hour drive away.  After nearly 2 years of talking about it, we are FINALLY going over Memorial Day!

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