Monday, January 28, 2013

Since I've been gone....

Wow... I knew I wanted to start a blog, however, I didn't realize the discipline it would take to sit down and write every night!!  Here's to hoping I get a bit better at keeping up with this!  :-)

Here's what we've been up to the past 2 weeks!

I traveled to Omaha for work...

My team at work are all field based- there are about 20 of us scattered all across the US - so we meet a few times a year to discuss projects/strategies to better serve our customers.  It's great to see people face to face and learn what my counterparts across the country are working on!  

Of course there is always the perk of hanging out with my teammates & getting to know them outside of work - all while going out for dinner & drinks at yummy restaurants!! 

We went house hunting

Nick and I are looking to buy a home.  Having just gotten married & both recently finishing up our masters programs, we finally have some time.  We're still not sure exactly what area of our city we want to live in - so we set out exploring what we could buy for our budget in different areas....

It was not as glamorous as the TV show makes it out to be.... Yuck!  We spent an entire weekend driving all around the metro area looking at homes and didn't find a single one that we liked!  A few realtors told us this was a 'low inventory' time - so we're just keeping our eyes open for something we like to come on this market.  (I have a feeling there will be many more posts about this!)  ;-)

We had date night...

We've been sooo busy the past few months with the wedding & school - that we really haven't had a 'date night' in forever.

We went to a fun little Mexican restaurant (on a recommendation of a friend)
The food was YUMMY!

Then we went and saw the movie 'Flight' at a theater near our house.

The past few days have been spent just hanging out and relaxing...

Check back soon for more updates!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Blog!!

Hi blog friends!!  I decided to try something new and start a blog to keep up with the happenings in our lives!!  We just finished up a super busy 2012!  We both finished our MBA's & got married!  Here's to some new adventures in 2013!!